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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Mr. Woods Goes to Metropolis

As chronicled in Superman #359 (May, 1981), I was once compelled to fight Superman with my awesome psionic abilities. But with my mind addled, I didn't stand much of a chance. Here's the whole battle (click to embiggen!):

Strangely enough, if I had psionic abilities, this is probably exactly how I would approach a battle with Superman - with goofy dialogue, a silly costume and jousting.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If I had to do battle with Superman, I wouldn't do what the fellow in the first panel is considering.

I would avoid wearing my blue suit (it's still in good shape, I wouldn't want to have blood on it)

I wouldn't wear a white shirt, because white has a tendancy to "bloom" on television.

And thirdly, I definitely wouldn't go around wearing a ladies' handerchief tied around my neck.

Paul Lynde voice: FAUX PAS!