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Monday, January 12, 2009


Aquaman, aside from being the most-mocked member of the Super Friends, is also the King of Atlantis, the underwater kingdom comprised of the ancient cities of Poseidonis and Tritonis. In his role as King, Aquaman has certain duties as head-of-state. But see how he blows off his responsibilities in this late 1970s issue of Adventure Comics:

Canada gets little respect in the comics. Is meeting the Canadian ambassador so dull a task that Aquaman will grasp any straws necessary to avoid it? Testing Mr. Weisbogg's robot, indeed.

Of course, I suppose they couldn't call it Adventure Comics if the stories revolved around diplomatic meetings...


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Makes me think that thanks to twenty-first century revisionism, the Star Wars saga now starts the way everybody would expect it to: not with a flaming duel with a Star Destroyer in space, but rather a with a protracted and convoluted trade embargo.

Yay! Diplomacy! Yippee!