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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Remember Wrong-Way Feldman?

Wrong-Way Feldman, of course, was the famous aviator who made two accidental trips to Gilligan's Island, and failed to rescue the castaways both times. He was an inept navigator.

I was driving down the one-way section of 118th avenue today, returning from a New Year's brunch at Michael and Naomi Snyder's place. And lo and behold...what's this? That''s going the wrong way, a la Goggles Paisano! The Amish casserole I'd just eaten gurgled menacingly as I gaped in disbelief.

I gulped as the vehicle bore down upon me, like the malevolent trucker in Duel. Was this the end of Earl J. Woods?

Well, no. As you can see here, the truck was actually being towed backwards.


Anonymous said...

I remember watching a funny/cruel video:

These three brothers are on a day trip, driving with their mom. Mom is asleep in the front seat, her face covered with a hat.

Ahead on the highway is a very large pickup truck being towed backwards.

The brother who is driving pulls up right behind the truck being towed, the traffic is moving at highway speed.

Then, on cue, the driving brother starts honking the horn, the brother in the back seat not filming pulls off mom's hat, and all three siblings start to yell loudly.

Mom instantly wakes up, sees the grille of the pickup truck loomimg in their windshield, and well, I thought it was pretty funny. So did the brothers. The mom, not so much.

Earl J. Woods said...

I would have laughed. It reminds me of the time Dad honked the horn as we were crossing some train tracks, with Mom and my aunt in the back seat. They jumped!

Liam J. said...

I remember wrong-way Feldman. I only have memories of one episode with him, though.