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Wednesday, April 19, 2023

John the Baptist as an Action Figure

I asked Stable Diffusion to imagine John the Baptist with ten points of articulation and accessories, but I did NOT ask for a half-naked version. Definitely not what I was expecting. He does have godly abs, though. 

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Jeff Shyluk said...

John The Baptist is generally depicted as being very hairy. In The Bible, he wears very primitive clothes made from animal pelts or hair. His character is primal, in contrast to the redemption offered by The Lord. You could say he represents a sort of before-and-after comparison with Jesus, something that happens a lot in The Bible.

In orthodox imagery, he both has wild hair and a full beard and he has an unkempt hairy outfit. Because blue is the colour given to represent the human spirit, John gets a lot of blue. In some images, it looks like he's skinned the Cookie Monster and is wearing Cookie's fur as a pelt.

John isn't ripped, though. If anything, he'd be wiry or emaciated, since long before encountering Jesus, he lived out in the desert and ate berries and honey. Not a lot of protein in his diet, except for bugs.

Of course the AI sees everything through a different lens, so it's entirely possible that Stable Diffusion's interpretation could be the correct one. In practical terms, though, John's head would be locked into position since his hair and his body are cast from the same mould. No stop motion movies where his head spins and he vomits green plasticine.