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Sunday, April 23, 2023

Reviving the Atari 800XL

Photos from Revive Machines. 

Here's a crazy idea that might appeal to GenXers with fond memories of the Atari 8-bit line of computers: a Polish company called Revive Machines is working on a brand-new 800XL. Here's the twist: This 800XL may look almost exactly like the original, but it comes with connectivity for legacy Atari AND present-day peripherals and monitors. You can even plug in your classic Atari joysticks (or modern controllers)! 

In other words, if you have old Atari peripherals, you could use this as a replacement for your ancient Atari XL; but if not, you can still enjoy the 8-bit magic by using the modern USB and HDMI connections. Anyone who has kept their old 8-bit Atari game cartridges might find this too tempting to resist . . . 

No word on the price or release date yet, so this could be vapourware in the end. But boy, what an exciting possibility! 

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