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Saturday, April 15, 2023

Smithsonian Open Access


This beautiful image of civil rights hero Frederick Douglass is just one of millions of files now freely available to the public at Smithsonian Open Access! What a wonderful resource for artists, historians, graphic designers, or anyone who has the urge to create. 


Never for Ever said...

If you are really into wasting time, quite a few of the world's museums have turned to Open Access for all of most of their collections. What's cool about this list is the are all CC0 which means they are totally free of any rights or encumbrances... download, modify and reuse totally guild free :-)

Rijksmuseum (
Met Museum 
National Museum Sweden 
Minneapolis Institute of Art (
The Walters Art Museum 
Art Institute of Chicago 
Cleveland Museum of Art 
Paris Musées 
The Smithsonian 
Birmingham Museums 
NationalMuseum in Krakow 
National Gallery of Denmark 
Finnish National Gallery 
NationalGallery of Art (
Nivaagaards Malerisamling 
RISD Museum 
Aberdeen Archives, Gallery & Museums (
Brighton & Hove Museums 
Grand Rapids Public Museum 

Earl J. Woods said...

Wow! Excellent resources, Never for Ever--thanks!

Jeff Shyluk said...

I've never figured out how to make links work in Blogger replies, so that immediately gets my respect. However, this list is magnificent! All I can do is make this page a Favourite and then spend the rest of my time going through there. Better take some of those long-lifener* pills Big Pharma keeps hinting at...

*Life-longener? I can't decide.